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“V. I. King” 

I’ve always loved jewelry since an early age, I’ve always wanted
pierced ears, lot of chains, rings and bracelets. I visited a friend
of mine last year and he had this beautiful chain on. I asked him
where he had acquired such a beautiful craft
and he told me it was a ‘Viking’ chain.

This year, I started collecting Viking jewelry,
I’ve got 5 chains in total which I wear all day everyday.

Because of my love for jewelry, I stumbled unto the OUTLAWS. on
Instagram and immediately fell in love with the rings since I’ve been
searching for beautiful rings for years. You can take a good guess on
the very first ring I bought from the website,
yes you are right, VIKINGS.

I’ve always classed myself as a King because I carry myself
very well so I changed VIP (very important person) to
VIKing (very important king).

Since my first ring turned out fantastic and quick delivery too,
I will be making more purchases.