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“DODO. during COVID-19” 

I love rings in general, I’m always looking for those special ones.
By sudden I saw the OUTLAWS. Amsterdam page on Instagram.
I started to take a look at their unique collection: they are all amazing,
blowing minds, but that DODO. one was mine for sure. Like love at
first sight. I shared the product link with one of my closest friends
asking her opinion, guess what: she loved it too!
She even decided to buy it for me as a gift. 
The order was placed on the 5th of March. When suddenly the Corona
virus (COVID-19) issue appeared and the borders between
most countries were locked, I immediately felt down because
I thought and feared the ring my friend ordered for me will never
reach me… but guess what! Here I am wearing the
DODO. 925 sterling silver and it’s the best of my ring collection.
Thank you OUTLAWS. Amsterdam, it’s my first ring and I’m sure
it won’t be the last from your collection.
#stayhome #besafe