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My wedding rings’ story” 

A few weeks ago my then girlfriend and I, got married. We live in The Netherlands, but wanted to do an American style wedding, which for us meant, among other things, vows. I bought a ring for different points in time that had big meaning for us, 7 rings in total, keeping 1 finger free for my actual wedding ring.

Here is our story:

When I met my, from now on to be called “wife”, my jaw fell to the floor, because of her beauty. So I bought the JAWBREAKER. for that moment. Nothing happened then, since she was in a serious relationship. Some years later, we met again and in the meantime, she had tattoos done of Ganesh, Blossom and an Ohm. All this was represented by your ring BLOSSUM OF GANESHA. Some time passed before we ended up together and since it seemed we would keep finding each other, I bought NORTH STAR, because I always came flying right back at her, overcoming obstacles and darkness. All like true a Dragon (that I am in Chinese horoscope), therefore I bought CLAW OF DRAGO.
One thing led to another and few years later, our son was born, bearing the Pisces zodiac sign, which happened to be the same as my wife’s! Therefore, of course, I bought CATCHING CARPS. Less then 2 years behind on our son, came our first daughter. Oh what a joy! Seemed like an easy choice to go for her Zodiac as a ring, but I never really liked scorpions… So I searched for the Chinese Zodiac, but that was even more unfortunate; a Rooster!? I ended up with here totem-animal in Native American culture (for which I have tremendous respect!) the Serpent. Therefore I bought SNAKE. And for the last finger I had left (excluding my wedding ring finger), I bought ST. MICHAELS. It was supposed to be for protecting our family, but turned out to be something completely different, so I just bought it because I loved it! And that my friends, is the true story of true love and of my wedding rings!