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Je winkelwagen is leeg



I have to be honest, this story is not just my story,
but of me and my firstborn daughter. Eighteen years ago
when I was expecting my firstborn, my husband gave me a ring
as a symbol of our everlasting commitment to have children.
To this day, I still wear this ring.
This ring is a golden variant of the Sailors Knot.
On December 8 in 2001 our daughter Noa was born.
Noa is not the most ordinary girl in the world.
Although she had to struggle with some things in her life,
especially in the last year, she stands up strong and is dearly
loved by her parents, her sister and many,
many friends. Noa, my unique first born daughter,
this year becomes 18 years old and on her wishing list was
the Sailors Knot ring from OUTLAWS. Amsterdam.
How could I not buy this ring for her?!
As a token that although we wear the same knot,
she has her own identity and I will love her forever.
No matter what.