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I’m a business owner from a tech company,
a skateboarder and a photographer from Portugal.
I’ve always been into the whole tattoos and rings style,
but only recently started to actually acquire them both.
This started as passion for the arts and making a
statement with my art, which is photography.
The rings, as well as tattoos, for me carry a meaning.
All of them mark a special time in my life, either good or bad,
but of significant change.
The ’13’ ring is my lucky number, and even though that I’m
not superstitious, I got my first computer on a Friday the 13th.
A year later I got my first gaming console also on Friday the 13th.
Both of them crucial for my adult life.
The computer is my whole business now and the gaming console
was actually my first job (I was a pro online gamer).
The ‘EYE OF THE SKY’ ring is in honor of a business partner
that passed away a few years ago.
He was double my age, and double my wisdom.
It’s in honor of one of the most important person of my life
in terms of my business.
Finally the last one, the ‘SQUARE. black’ ring, is also in honor
of a friend. Unfortunately he died February this year.
He was a very close friend, so the black color of the ring for
me kinda represents that feeling.
This is my short story about each of my OUTLAWS. Amsterdam
rings and what the meaning behind each one of them.
What’s yours?