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” My life, my peace, my jewelry. ” 

I grew up in a difficult environment. My parents didn’t love each other, fought everyday which I couldn’t understand as a kid. When I got older and finally understood why, it made things way harder.
At the age of 14 I saw my father almost dying, right in front of my eyes. The only thing I could do was pray, which I did, and somehow my father survived. After that I became a believer.
Shortly after this horrifyng experience, I bought my first ring on a vacation in Italy. A ring with feather and a cross on it. Something special happend right after, since then I knew God exists. I always want to have a meaning behind my jewelry. Because, without it bores me within seconds and I would never wear it for a long time. A friend showed me your page one day and shortly after I bought my first ring: the FREE AS A BIRD. ring. My sister gifted me my second ring, the HAIL MARY.
The third one, NORTH STAR., is on his way.

Thank you for your special rings, many of them express my feelings, like I never could.