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Well hi, I’m Matt, a nearly 18 year old French
student from Paris.  I was born and raised there.

I discovered Outlaws Amsterdam thanks to the well known
‘cookies’, which understood that I was searching for cool rings.
And so I discovered the Instagram account and saw more
and more of my friends wearing those beautiful rings.
Also on Thor Rosland (very cool guy, grow a beard
like his is definitely on my to do list).

I am from a multicultural family (Italian, French, Korean,
and some of my family still live aboard). The AROUND THE WORLD.
ring was a way to represent this.
And also the fact that I’d like to travel a lot later,
that’s also on my to do list.

The ST MICHAEL. ring was actually the first ring from
Outlaws Amsterdam that I saw, and I fell I love right away
with it so when I had the opportunity, I got it and I can’t wait to wear it!

That’s all I can say about me as “my story” is just beginning,
thanks a lot and I can’t wait to buy you some other rings!